Sunday, February 17, 2019


They took our "want" from us, how do you do that ,we couldn't even want nothing!   Sam Cook wanted to help his people and all he "wanted" was his own record label and he was 33 years old when he was murdered for "wanting" something. The most we want for now is  a particular food dish , " I want some fish" I couldn't dare want something to change my lot in life, like my own business, my own home, something my heart truly desires for my family, for my people. This is the source of our inability to unite and it should be our one reason to unite.

They know this, yet they pretend they don't know what is "wrong" with us. When they are the cause of our ills. They are the ones who are not us, the ones who took us into this darkness, fear and misery to many lands from our homes, from our families, from everything, they took our "want" from us, even our want, they know who they are.

Not even being able to "want something". We have since managed to deal with a heavy heart, sad eyes, mad voices, and closed minds.   We are still here! and our "want" isn't gone. Our ability to keep putting our want on the back burner, pushing, and covering it until it becomes just a dream, not even that, not even a thought anymore, never a reality , but still there in there, and never forgotten, we just sort of say to ourselves and at times others, we good, until we need therapy. Denial is the same as lying.

We want to own our own homes, I want If you want and believe it can happen, even if you don't really know if you believe it can happen you still want it and you make effort to try and get it
and you look around and you don't have it, then it ain't you that's keeping it from happening, You know for sure it ain't you. We know it ain't us to blame for us not getting what we "want", someone else decides for us, that we can't have it, whatever it is, it could be the smallest, little thing, but you can't get it so why even "want" it. STOP, given the situations, we've faced them, we even learned to speak Spanish, we never give up, never. We got big Cojones. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Our Men

I believe our men are envied, by all other men. I think all women want our men not their own.
Women all over the world have admitted a strong attraction to our men over their own. Our men are the epitome of a man, a real man. A woman, who is not in denial feels like a piece of metal would feel being drawn to a magnet. Our men don't think about this they know it already. The woman is very powerful, all this talk about the woman having the power over the man because she is a woman does not apply in the case of power. Women want to relinquish power to a man who can handle it, and that's what they see in our men, someone who can take over and let us just be women.

Women want to be women they want a man who knows they are women and that understanding does not to be explained. If you understand this then you know what I mean and you know the other men are not on that level.

I notice how other men seem nervous when near our men. Now, I'm not saying all immediately send that vibe, but somewhere in their mind they are fighting the feeling that they are not what our men are. They know their women, deep down, want our men.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thursday, October 11, 2018

3,178 Murders


Many African Americans who were never accused of any crime were tortured and murdered in front of picnicking spectators, including elected officials and prominent citizens for bumping into a white person, or wearing their military uniforms after World War I, or not using the appropriate title when addressing a white person.

County votes for Trump: 90.0%
State votes for Trump:
White pop.:


A total of 284 lynching’s were recorded in Arkansas. 237 lives were taken during a massive attack on sharecroppers and laborers. When Black sharecroppers came together in an attempt to become unionized, white landowners and the elite saw this as a serious threat to their own financial growth and prosperity.

County votes for Trump: 80.4%

State votes for Trump: 60.4%

White pop.: 88.7%


There were 282 reported lynching’s in Florida. A 1993 article by the Orlando Sentinel explains. “Now, a sweeping new study of lynching in the South has found that blacks were more likely to be lynched in Florida than in any other state. For every 1,250 Black people in Florida between 1882 to 1930, one was lynched. This is seven times higher than the rate for North Carolina and almost twice the rate that was in Georgia.

County votes for Trump: 87.9%

State votes for Trump: 49.1%

White pop.: 87.3%


Georgia had 531 lynching’s. New Georgia Encyclopedia entry reveals that there was at least one mob killing of a Black person every month.

County votes for Trump: 88.5%

State votes for Trump: 51.3%

White pop.: 92.6%


205 people were lynched in the state of Kentucky. They all met with unbelievably inhumane deaths. A glimpse of just how much terrorism Blacks faced in Kentucky can be found in the March 25, 1871 letter sent to the U.S. Congress asking for protection from the government.

County votes for Trump: 89.4%

State votes for Trump: 62.5%

White pop.: 98.6%


Louisiana had a recorded 391 total lynching’s. the entire state was more focused on creating more systemic ways to protect white supremacy rather than taking a violent approach, instead sugar and cotton planters  manipulated plantation arrangements and the criminal justice system to ensure the maintenance of white supremacy.

County votes for Trump: 88.8%

State votes for Trump: 58.1%

White pop.: 83.2%


With well over 581 lynching’s, Mississippi tops the list with the most total lynching’s, according to statistics provided by the Tuskegee Institute.

14-year-old Emmet Till’s body was found with a 70-pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire.

County votes for Trump: 88.0%

State votes for Trump: 58.3%

White pop.: 87.9%

South Carolina

With 160 lynching’s throughout the state, South Carolina had the 10th highest number of lynching’s. According to Tuskegee Institute’s data, most of the victims were innocent. Anthony Crawford simply got into a verbal disagreement over the price of cottonseed, according to Elizabeth Rauh Bethel’s Promiseland, A Century of Life in a Negro Community, which was published by the University of South Carolina.

County votes for Trump: 73.9%

 State votes for Trump: 54.9%

 White pop.: 86.5%


Tennessee had 251 confirmed lynching’s that led to the deaths of at least 204 Black people. According to The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture, Lynching’s took place in 70 counties throughout the state with most happening in Shelby County. The Memphis Press even described the burning of one Black prisoner, Henry Lowery, as an “outstanding lynch success.”

County votes for Trump: 86.2%

State votes for Trump: 61.1%

White pop.: 90.7%


Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) revealed The Lone Star state had a total of 493 recorded lynching’s. White mobs hoping to “restore white supremacy” would frequently seek out suspected slave rebels and white abolitionists.

County votes for Trump: 90.5%

State votes for Trump: 52.6%

White pop.: 68.8% (85th of 254 TX counties)

*These numbers represent the recorded number of lynching’s and don’t account for the many Black victims who were lynched secretly before their bodies were burned or disposed of without any official record being made.

3,178 Murders

Saturday, April 7, 2018


I think the noblest action is to walk away and relieve them of that responsibility they feel to keep us in our place and take what we have and use it to our own benefit not there’s. They are already so much further ahead of us by about four hundred years. </p>

<p> Don’t we want to dream again; don't we want to believe that we can accomplish what ever we set our mind to.  Some of us have, but too many of us still have not, we deserve it. We can do it. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

<p>Now, we are able to do everything, right? I guess what I'm saying is we have to, we must begin to do everything for ourselves and for our children for our future, for our survival, for our existence. 

It's time, it’s time, to show our disillusioned children that they can become anything they want to, we say that to them so why don’t we prove it to them. We can hire our own people in any field we are in, when we are able to offer the opportunity to our selves ourselves then we have done our best.

We live in a capitalist society, don't we? Then why aren’t we doing capitalistic things for our people our selves? Do we expect that we can't?

Do we not believe in ourselves? Are we afraid? Is the money too much of a draw, can we walk away from what they pay us to be a part of what they have already established for themselves?

Monday, April 2, 2018


White or Black, this country prefers no one is learning anything. By now we should have someone in every field or line of work that we need to sustain us in this country. It's time, It's time we do this.  I remember reading about the 1800's in this country, the industrial age was becoming a means of this country's ability to sustain itself. Agriculture, cotton picking by hand was over.  We did that work, yet were not allowed to participate in this new age.

Our most educated were not allowed to do much more than menial labor for minimal pay most of us could become no more than a preacher or a teacher, in black churches or black schools, we were being limited, oppressed, and racism white supremacy practiced, in full force. We were repackaged up and re-sold, from creators of this land to destroyers,  in a fatal way we have been and still are to this very day treated that same way.  
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