Saturday, April 7, 2018


I think the noblest action is to walk away and relieve them of that responsibility they feel to keep us in our place and take what we have and use it to our own benefit not there’s. They are already so much further ahead of us by about four hundred years. </p>

<p> Don’t we want to dream again; don't we want to believe that we can accomplish what ever we set our mind to.  Some of us have, but too many of us still have not, we deserve it. We can do it. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

<p>Now, we are able to do everything, right? I guess what I'm saying is we have to, we must begin to do everything for ourselves and for our children for our future, for our survival, for our existence. 

It's time, it’s time, to show our disillusioned children that they can become anything they want to, we say that to them so why don’t we prove it to them. We can hire our own people in any field we are in, when we are able to offer the opportunity to our selves ourselves then we have done our best.

We live in a capitalist society, don't we? Then why aren’t we doing capitalistic things for our people our selves? Do we expect that we can't?

Do we not believe in ourselves? Are we afraid? Is the money too much of a draw, can we walk away from what they pay us to be a part of what they have already established for themselves?

Monday, April 2, 2018


White or Black, this country prefers no one is learning anything. By now we should have someone in every field or line of work that we need to sustain us in this country. It's time, It's time we do this.  I remember reading about the 1800's in this country, the industrial age was becoming a means of this country's ability to sustain itself. Agriculture, cotton picking by hand was over.  We did that work, yet were not allowed to participate in this new age.

Our most educated were not allowed to do much more than menial labor for minimal pay most of us could become no more than a preacher or a teacher, in black churches or black schools, we were being limited, oppressed, and racism white supremacy practiced, in full force. We were repackaged up and re-sold, from creators of this land to destroyers,  in a fatal way we have been and still are to this very day treated that same way.  


We go on and on about the changes we wanted: we live where the white people live, we train our children at the same schools the white children attend, Is that it? What did we really want, I thought we wanted to do something, be somebody, change our lives and change the world for each and every one, didn’t we? 

I think it just gave them easier access to those billions we spend, we give it all to them, we don’t use it for our own selves. To build our own selves whatever we need to “be”. Were we told or were we to understand that it couldn’t be expected all at once, it had to be in phases, if we got this help we were asking for that it would be temporary and would cost us our hard-earned billions in return? They took the pennies our parents earned to pay for an education, an education for us should be free at any institution in this country, let alone around the entire world, considering the laws that were made to prevent us from it.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


With all that we have learned and have always been able to do, why don't we create, run and operate whatever we need to secure and stabilize a future for ourselves here in this place? We have people that can do it all, so why don't we do-it-ourselves?

Why are we still hoping to get them to give us something like a good job when they had to be forced to do so, like with affirmative action?

Why are we still so dependent on the whim of some white man?

Why don't we have healthcare, taken care of by our own physicians who have been known to be the best in their field? There was a time when we were not allowed in their hospitals for care, who knows more about us than us.  It’s a battle to get paid as much or more than whites doing the same work. It happens from the lowest paid jobs to the highest. </p>

Friday, March 30, 2018

IMAGINE Mr. & Mrs. Brown

If, fifty-years ago, a Mr. & Mrs.  Brown convinced all of us to only wear the most comfortable shoes, they come in kid and adult sizes, various colors and styles and the cost is very affordable, and everyone, at least all of us owned a pair or two. All of these Business Management degree majors just want to be business owners deep down inside. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were Business Management degree majors who couldn’t find jobs anywhere but the local grocery store and one of the country’s biggest retailers, both of their earned incomes together didn’t total enough to buy, a house, a good car or hope for their future. They always looked for better jobs that would allow them to use the skills they were still paying for in student loan debt.  They did this for a while, then they decided they needed to take a different route in their pursuit of happiness so they started the shoe factory.</p>

<p>In this country that we live in, we were never appreciated for more than our hands and our backs which we used as part of it's development. 

IMAGINE Mr. Brooks

<p> I imagined, that Mr. Brooks would own a publishing house, or newspaper or magazine, and I could get a job as a writer or reporter, and my neighbor Jamal who likes to draw, would have a graphics art degree and design signs and advertisements for all the businesses, in our town that are owned by blacks, and my cousin up north in Chicago would run a manufacturing operation, he was able to start with his degree in Business Management, that made clothes designed by black designers. The factory that makes the shoes, that we all wear keeps the neighborhood employed and is a sort of place to work and get money, knowledge and training for various professions while you complete a degree or decide what you want to do with your life, which is so short and precious. </p>

<p> You can take your time and earn while you grow and learn more and more and are able to open a new location for the factory in one or two or more countries in Africa, where a lot of our lost ancestry hails from. 
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