Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Politics are not popular anymore. Politicians are no longer interested in being part of this country's make-up. Political savvy meant being a possible president one day, being one like those who wrote and signed the original constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, one of the designers, a leader a father figure to the country, going down in history, your name indelibly  written in stone.

Politics are no more a representation of the U.S. and it's beloved democracy or it's inhabitants. Politicians are not shaping and molding what can and cannot be done to maintain freedom and justice for all. Politicians are just puppets, they are just mannequins, puppets with the hand of the man with the money controlling their every waking moment. 

Money rules this land now and forever more. The people no longer believe a representative that they vote for is doing anything about their interests. The interest is to keep the money growing from millions to billions to zillions and so on. Politics are embarrassing.  

People don't like it anymore. We see through to the truth and the only way to improve is to bring the truth to the light and remind everyone what we are all about people.   

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Case of the Wrong Person in the Wrong Job

Guess what... at work, I won the perfect attendance award for the quarter and brought home a 42" LCD for the prize. Yeah! Congrats and all that.

The company I work for,well, no need to mention names, but would you believe I called my manager over to ask a question one day and the scent of marijuana nearly knocked me over. I was so overwhelmed by the smell that before I could asked the question I wanted him to answer  I said to him, "Where have you been!" he replied, "I just went out for while."

I work hard and I appreciate integrity, I don't appreciate my manager. He is not the right type to manage. I've heard him make some really foul comments about the character traits of specific races and I don't understand why he feels secure enough to smoke marijuana while on shift at the job. Now, I have my ideas about a person of his nature and ignorant is one idea that comes to mind. 

Unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of regard for him. I've not called him over to ask a question since. How dare he! That also led me to have less respect for the company overall.  

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