Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wealth is in Effect

Notice how white people always talk about wealth. They always talk about owning, property. They are not unaware of your suffering. You call it racism, they call it the taming of the enemy. Yes you are the enemy, you have facts backing that up, have you heard them talk about how action like affirmative action  have nothing to do with race? Their actions have a lot more to do with increasing their wealth. Listen carefully, and you will hear how you are of no concern and how they are talking about you, and how they are not interested in anything but your money, and maybe animals. Stop thinking "one day it will all be over" , it never will. Someone has to pay taxes, the rich certainly don't.

It's bigger than little ole' U.  MONEY is GOD


Now they have the BIG DATA to give them evidence of their predictions, and reason to use the strategies they use to keep the enemy under control. You cant' get into a career field of BIG BUCKS, because paying you what white people make is unthinkable.   They are pretty confident, almost getting data down to match the strategy in place.

You thought, there was no more racism, didn't you say, you feel like a slave, working for 7.00 an hour for twenty hours or less per week, not able to earn enough to buy anything or pay bills barely. You stay right there don't move no matter how many degrees you get, how smart you are, how hard you try, we can hold out for a long time we won't give in to let you get anywhere, and any of us who do feel lucky as hell and some time quite gifted and extra special convince themselves, "it's finally over"! Until it is discovered that someone has violated the rules and they speak out and  you have to prove you are not a threat, and if you are then so long.


Gun toting people are all excited about their state now having gun laws that let them carry guns on their person whenever and where ever they like to defend them selves from...the enemy. Do they have these guns because they are really afraid, because that is not the image I get. People who have guns seems to be people who are pretty damm tough types, ready to blow somebody away, what are they afraid of?

Now killing us at will won't be questioned at all, just like before. they will say race has nothing to do with it.   Killing Treyvon Martin tested the people's reaction,  to see how much of a uproar there would be, many more brain washed whites will be killing our boys and our girls, remember the girl shot in Detroit knocking on the door of a white person for help.  They missed the mark when they were predicting, all the death and not surviving pass the age of 16 for our boys. People were actually afraid to have a baby boy, lived in fear for their child's life. Or mentally prepare themselves for the worst.  You remember the film, "Boys In the Hood".


This is the threat that is about to hit the fan: Prisoners who are in jail because of drug dealing are about to be let free. There has been an increase of drugs, especially heroine coming into the country and flooding back into the communities, someone has got to sell it to increase cash flow for the already wealthy their legitimate businesses aren't paying off right now. You know how damaging and debilitating drugs are you know how that effected Americans in recent history.The masses will be lulled, quieted and put back in jail, eventually,  to justify privatization of the prison system.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Try This At Home

Normally you get the warning from others: 


 I think it may lead to something new and different

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Can Have Me

Treatment: A man, who has been institutionalized for the past two years had been molested as a boy, decides to rape and then murder young men who walk around with their entire buttocks out. He says, “They ass speaks to me, telling me, you can have me”.

The train car he was riding in was nearly empty, just him and three other people to be exact. It made two stops and no one else boarded until five young men got on with their pants sagging way beneath their buttocks.

That’s when he started talking to the woman sitting in the seat in front of him side ways. “The girls ain’t looking at them, but a man looking at them, what they saying to me is “you can have me”.
“I was institutionalized for two years, I just got out”.

“I ain’t crazy, I got more sense than you, the way they wearing they pants means they parents ain’t teaching them, they let em’ do it”.

“They parents scared of they own kids. It’s in the bible, these kids parent’s afraid to straighten out they own kids, the kids run the parents, and they scared of em. I ain’t scared of em.”’

“My cousin’s son wears his pants like that, I asked her why she let him do it, she said he told her that’s the style”, the woman replied.

“Okay, what style? That don’t make no damn sense, that’s stupid as hell, they don’t know nothing about they past, the kind of world they come from and they making the world worse by not knowing, it’s just gone get worse, believe me.”

The signs in the windows and on the doors of the local businesses did nothing to deter the men from coming inside. Most of them felt it was not talking to them or about them they weren’t gay it was just the style.

Marcus and Billy were determined to meet girls. They were spending their weekends going out to practice their “meeting girls’ skills”. They began on Friday, as soon as school was out. They didn’t go straight home and check in. They’d ride the train to different areas and mingle in the crowds until they got hungry for dinner and headed home to eat.

“Hey man, you know that female we ran into last week? She called me, man.”
“Remember, I gave her my number?” she just called me on my phone just now.”
“Oh, that’s who that was, man.”
“Yeah man!”

They both smiled and made noises of laughter from excitement and exclamations of triumph. Sounds that expressed the recollection of the beautiful girl Billy had given his phone number to.

“Awwwh Man, for real dog, that one that was fine as hell, outside the South End train station, right?”
“Yeah man!”

Marcus remembered the girl from last week, she had a curvaceous body and an inviting look on her face that made them both feel as if she was saying, “you can have me”. They both had visions of her with them exclusively. They both noticed her at the same time, there was no “I saw her first,” it was a tie.

They couldn’t help but say “hello” to her, both of them spoke, but Billy beat Marcus to the punch and followed up the “hello” with something like, “excuse me”, she stared right into his eyes exclusively and it was on. Marcus just smiled and pretended to check his phone while Billy schmoozed the fine girl.

Billy took a chance and stepped out on his manhood and won, he got the beautiful girls’ full attention, but she would not give him her number she took his instead. 

Billy had always been more of a risk taker than Marcus. Although he had game, he could not persuade her to give him her phone number, he made enough of an impression that she took his number and called him for fear that she just might be missing out on something special. 

Billy had uncles and older cousins who had told him how to mack the ladies. He had male role models to watch. Neither of his biological parents were around. His aunt, his father’s sister, who was single and had no children of her own had custody of him and his two sisters.

Marcus was an only child to his mother. His mom had only one sister, who had one child fifteen years older than Marcus and she lived out of state. Marcus visited her one or twice in his life for summer vacations and stayed no longer than two weeks before he was calling his mom ready to come home. They didn’t force him to stay the entire summer, they sent him home as soon as he started to whine about it being boring and nothing to do and saying he wanted to go home.

His father was around, but not at all attentive to his children. Marcus was one of six children he had fathered. He had a relationship and two children when he got Marcus and is now with some child wasting her youth on him and three little ones. He sees Marcus every now and then, but has no real genuine input or influence on him.

He may have given him some pointers on girls when he turned twelve, with a “just remember that” at the end of his advice, being around his father, watching him in action made Marcus say, “He talks to every woman he sees.”

His learning about how to mack the ladies came from his peers. He learned as he had watched and listened to men talk in the barber shop where he got his hair cut, the way they gave tips on how to schmooze the ladies even without spending a dime. He heard one of the guys say, “Just smile and stare into her eyes, and don’t say anything, she will say something first.” “Give a compliment about what she’s wearing with a smile on your face, say, “I like the color of your lip gloss or something, but keep it respectful”.

Billy was “the man” and at least he liked competition, it gave him more courage. Having Marcus around inspired him to greatness.

Marcus admired the way Billy could talk to the girls so easily and attract their attention. He was raised a bit more conservatively, but he was not afraid to talk when Billy was around him. When Billy was not there, he hesitated.

Not having pier support and the dare to front your skills or show off is not a quality of his character, unless encouraged, just to build each others self esteem. These guys made each other feel good. They were good to each other and they were good boys.

They were both quite handsome and the girls were just as anxious to meet and talk to boys as the boys in their age group. Young teens have a way with each other that doesn’t make it too difficult to communicate if they are just being them selves. It’s the attraction age and nothing really matters or changes that.

They responded to each other, some of them whooped and hollered, but learning the opposite sex was part of their life conquests now. It is a built in path whose time it has come to follow!

They wore no belt, they were actually holding on to their pants right above the knee about mid thigh, by holding on to one side of the front of the waist band, and they didn’t seem careful about what underwear they had chosen for the day.  A couple appeared to be wearing white briefs or cotton t-shirt knit style boxers and no one seemed to be rocking the initial style that called for a pair of cotton or cotton blend plaid or fancy print boxers that coordinated in color with something else they wore, like a shirt or jacket or hat.

The shirts or t-shirts they wore was long enough to hang over half of the buttocks, but the nature of the cotton like fabrics didn’t allow the shirts to stay in place, the fabrics were not lightweight like silk nor knit heavy enough to freely hang and fall down after being lifted in the back from sitting down.

I see some of them trying to sit on top of the shirt by easing down into place when sitting, trying to keep the buttocks from direct contact on the surface on which they chose to sit, that says they are somewhat self conscious about putting their butt, covered only by their own underwear directly on the surface of a sitting place.

They actually sit their underwear covered exposed buns right on whatever quite unsanitary surface they choose to sit on, especially on a public transit system, out in public places, disgusting. What if you sat in something or worse if the person who sat there before you left something behind.

 They have them so low that they have difficulty walking, so they have this gait that is a motion of swinging the lower half of their bodies from the hips down with a twist from one foot to the other keeping the legs gapped the width of the waistband to exert pressure enough to hold the pants in place, it re minds me of rolling a piece of thread with the forefinger against the thumb back and forth, from side to side.

Their legs look short as midgets, like a defect, a  gap legged sway of a sort, mixed with a jaunt, so they hold their pants up with the muscles that run along the  sides of the thighs and the pressure of the gapped legs combined with the use of this muscle keep the pants up, besides the holding of one side of the waist band in the front,

Which is I suppose is to keep the frontal regional parts covered more so than for holding the pant in place. It’s okay to show the rear region where the butthole is located, but not the frontal region where the penis hangs, it looks like if they let the waistband go the penis would just, I don’t know, start a conversation.  It does have its own language of straight and stern or soft and limp whatever the situation seems to dictate.

Maybe this is all they have left, maybe this is their way of saying that, at one point in history, it was normal practice to cut that part off if you did not comply. Maybe they are feeling threatened.

Gangsta's Paradise Lyrics

Stevie Wonder


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left ''cause
I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that
Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone
But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it
Me be treated like a punk you know that's unheard of
You'd better watch how you're talkin', and where you're walkin'
Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
I really hate to trip but I gotta, know
As they group I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool
I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight

Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise

They got the situation, they got me facin'
I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the state
So I gotta be down with the hood team
Too much television watchin' got me chasin' dreams
I'm a educated fool with money on my mind
Got my 10 in my hand and a gleam in my eye
I'm a loc'd out gangsta set trippin' banga
And my homies is down so don't arouse my anga, fool

Death ain't nothin' but a heartbeat away, I'm livin' life, do or die, what can I say
I'm 23 now, will I live to see 24 the way things is goin' I don't know
Tell me why are we, so blind to see
That the one's we hurt, are you and me


Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise

Power and the money, money and the power
Minute after minute, hour after hour
 Everybody's runnin', but half of them ain't lookin'
What's goin' on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cookin' [ From: ]
they say I got ta learn,
but nobody's here to teach me
If they can't understand it, how can they reach ME
I guess they can't,
I guess they won't
I guess they front, that's why I know my life is out of luck, fool


Been spending most their lives,living in the gangsta's paradise
Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the gangsta's paradise

Tell me why are we, so blind to see
That the one's we hurt, are you and me
Tell me why are we, so blind to see
That the one's we hurt, are you and me

The man and woman who were talking and the five boys who had just got on the train all got off at the transfer train in the center of town to switch the direction of the ride.  The man moved fast through the station keeping up with and staying close behind the group of boys, still talking about what he sees, a few of the boys tugged at pulling their pants up, but one in particular refused to and talked loudly about how he was not going to pull his pants up and the man could kiss his ass. He was wearing what looked like tighty whitities, he looked nasty in those dingy white underwear, his style sucked.

The woman was not far behind the scene. She heard the young man who was being so boisterous about his rebellion and the others were rather quite and didn’t even laugh at their cohort’s comments. The man was quiet and said nothing more.

Billy and Marcus stayed on board headed for the north side of town to get in a couple more hours of practice interacting with the opposite sex.

They got off the train at the Lux Station, an area where the lights were dim and the crowds few. The man got off here too. They all walked in the same direction the man was fumbling around his pockets looking for a lighter for his cigarette and he asked Billy for a light.

Marcus didn’t smoke and Billy wasn’t addicted yet, but he kept a lighter and sometimes a black or two. He stopped in his tracks and turned in the man’s direction and pulled out his lighter and the man pulled out a gun.
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