Sunday, April 27, 2014


Now they have the BIG DATA to give them evidence of their predictions, and reason to use the strategies they use to keep the enemy under control. You cant' get into a career field of BIG BUCKS, because paying you what white people make is unthinkable.   They are pretty confident, almost getting data down to match the strategy in place.

You thought, there was no more racism, didn't you say, you feel like a slave, working for 7.00 an hour for twenty hours or less per week, not able to earn enough to buy anything or pay bills barely. You stay right there don't move no matter how many degrees you get, how smart you are, how hard you try, we can hold out for a long time we won't give in to let you get anywhere, and any of us who do feel lucky as hell and some time quite gifted and extra special convince themselves, "it's finally over"! Until it is discovered that someone has violated the rules and they speak out and  you have to prove you are not a threat, and if you are then so long.

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