Sunday, April 27, 2014


Gun toting people are all excited about their state now having gun laws that let them carry guns on their person whenever and where ever they like to defend them selves from...the enemy. Do they have these guns because they are really afraid, because that is not the image I get. People who have guns seems to be people who are pretty damm tough types, ready to blow somebody away, what are they afraid of?

Now killing us at will won't be questioned at all, just like before. they will say race has nothing to do with it.   Killing Treyvon Martin tested the people's reaction,  to see how much of a uproar there would be, many more brain washed whites will be killing our boys and our girls, remember the girl shot in Detroit knocking on the door of a white person for help.  They missed the mark when they were predicting, all the death and not surviving pass the age of 16 for our boys. People were actually afraid to have a baby boy, lived in fear for their child's life. Or mentally prepare themselves for the worst.  You remember the film, "Boys In the Hood".

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