Friday, July 10, 2015

Why is it when we have a problem, for example... say we don't like our supervisor and we feel a need to take a complaint to the manager and say how we feel slighted or ignored or unappreciated or mistreated in some kind of way that is making it unfair and impossible to do a good job...and an attempt is made to reach a solution do we choke and cannot seem to want to tell the truth or say what we are really thinking ?

We are afraid to be shut down, afraid to appear silly or childish or just plain stupid and getting fired would be justified slowly but surely. We are afraid and we are dissatisfied, period. If we try to complain to rectify that we are often playing a losing game

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I feel sick to my stomach. I am really trying to keep hope alive. I read the audacity of hope by our great president Baraka Obama. It was inspiring it did make me realize that it is not all about the individual involved, it is about the entire world and the way things are done that needs to change that seem impossible  and may not happen in our lifetime, but there is still a need to try and change what ever you can.

So I decided to change myself. I resigned to not talk for one year, not completely shut down my vocal ability but just focus more on listening. The year of listening has ended and I feel more, admired, by my peers and co-workers, more trusted, but not anymore hope. I have had to keep a part-time job for 8.10 an hour for the full year.  I am rather proud of myself vocal self, but I have been called sidity, and I heard the ole' "She think she better than everybody else."

I don't feel specifically hopeful, just a bit more disliked by others. I hope this is not the end of my career/job life.
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