Monday, September 9, 2013

A Case of the Wrong Person in the Wrong Job

Guess what... at work, I won the perfect attendance award for the quarter and brought home a 42" LCD for the prize. Yeah! Congrats and all that.

The company I work for,well, no need to mention names, but would you believe I called my manager over to ask a question one day and the scent of marijuana nearly knocked me over. I was so overwhelmed by the smell that before I could asked the question I wanted him to answer  I said to him, "Where have you been!" he replied, "I just went out for while."

I work hard and I appreciate integrity, I don't appreciate my manager. He is not the right type to manage. I've heard him make some really foul comments about the character traits of specific races and I don't understand why he feels secure enough to smoke marijuana while on shift at the job. Now, I have my ideas about a person of his nature and ignorant is one idea that comes to mind. 

Unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of regard for him. I've not called him over to ask a question since. How dare he! That also led me to have less respect for the company overall.  

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