Thursday, September 3, 2015

American African Woman

I’m back at zero again. I just had a job at 8.10 per hour for 1 year, 1 month and 1 week. What is with all the ones? I feel like they must mean something. I cannot help feeling like this is all a plan. Some diabolical , pre-devised outcome set in place by those in charge of coming up with ways to keep me and others like me in a state of limbo or more like a place where we can be maintained, or retained or restrained or contained until we are dead.
Why do they talk so much about the life expectancy of humans in this world, do they need to know how long a person can live? The life expectancy for an American African woman is about 77 years.

  I’m 53 now and I have been looking for work and jobs all my life. The longest I have worked anywhere is three years. I have worked for some of the biggest corporations and once in a government job. All that means is the lies they tell about giving us a chance appears to be true. The fact that these same corporations get a tax work credit for hiring one of us, who are considered low-income,  justifies them and puts a resource in place to use, but never promote and give a real chance at really leaving the low-income behind, yet they say they are giving back.
“So if we take 90% to the low- income status and keep them there, they will only drain the pockets of the rest of us by 7% over their lifetime.”  
This is why we never wanted to accept welfare or handouts they called it, because it is as if once you are in there, they got you for life.
 So they come out with reports that say things like: if you exercise, eat right, reduce stress, visit a physician regularly, are happy and have a spouse etc. etc. etc… the parameters are specific to only some not all.
Demographics are the starting point of course that includes age, race, income and so forth. These are the controls that give the power to create ways to stifle us. What do you think BIG DATA is really about?

Who has a husband, I haven’t had a man in the last five years for longer than a hour long interaction because we both thought we needed a fuck because we happen to have had a child together over ten years ago.  It was disappointing as always and for a week after I was uncomfortably sore. I didn’t truly enjoy it, but I had missed it so long that I thought I needed it.

Health, sex and relations between each other are important for longevity.  Now we have more and more women and men willing to try same sex relations to get a chance to feel what a relationship is like, if not they may never experience that part of life at all. So our men are killed, jailed and out of touch unable to form a relationship any longer. The health of us is detrimental as well and cut deep into that expectancy of longevity because if you are lonely, sad and low-income you have a shorter life.
 And about that, I guess I need to say that what I believe is going on is that those like me who are profiled as low-income American Africans, … I hate the use of “black” to describe a people because black is a color like chartreuse or orange or blue. As for the African part most of us have no clue that this part of us explains a lot about what we do.  

 Incomes like mine that have somehow become standard hourly 8.00 and 10K or less yearly are going to fall in place and eventually die off.
 I would go as far to predict… for as long as we worked in this land for free it will take maybe half as long to get rid of all of us entirely, in this land anyway.  There is a working plan set in place and I will prove it.

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  1. What is the point of talking what about action Actions speaks louder than words


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