Monday, December 23, 2013

Hip Hop

Hip Hop isn't dead is it? It is a platform for healing and empowering our community. It was not meant to hurt the people, but wake them up so to speak. It was effective in a dynamic way. Everything and everyone used it for their own. Some abused it for selfish gain and we know who they are. If not they are the same ones who wanted to colonize the world. They even had representatives from the community say Hip Hop was wrong and should be stopped. These people actually sounded just like they may have been the descendants of those people that said, "Just do as you are told , don't rock the boat, stay in your place!" Fear is a mother fucker, but afraid of your own. It was quite remarkable how women came out talking about how the women were exploited by Hip-Hop, but did not want to talk about what brought on this entire phenomenon in the first place! Should I say it, Slavery, perpetual and never ending just like the music we create to reflect it

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