Tuesday, January 21, 2014

War On Poverty

Why do politicians and people in government talk about middle class so much, and they never seem to mention the poor. 

I've heard them say something about a war on poverty. 

In this war, scarcity, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth, paucity and poor quality, all synonyms for the word poverty, are the enemy. 

 Now it seems to me if we want to really win this war we attack each element of it with its nemesis, or its antonym, there fore eliminating its existence, wiping it out once and for all, considering we have the means to do that. 

 Let’s see, Scarcity needs to be replaced with abundance, this is going to be a little different for each person in poverty, because what might be scarce for one may not be the same for another. 

Shortage would need to be replaced by excess, now people will probably argue that these two can be combined because scarcity and shortage are the same as well as abundance and excess, not exactly, abundance is: profusion, loads, wealth, plenty and excess is: glut, surplus, overkill, overindulgence, see the difference.

 Now here again, we have sort of the same thing as scarcity and shortage, Deficiency, which is closely related to lack, shortage, paucity, dearth and scarcity also means deficit, insufficiency or absence, which is going to need to be replaced by abundance

Next, Lack, has to be replaced with have because to lack is to: not have; be short of; be deficient in; to need; to require. We need to go in and find any excess to get rid of lack. 

Then there is Dearth, which is lack, shortage, scarcity and deficiency; absence, drought, famine and want are in there too. Here is where both, abundance and excess would cure all of that. 

Paucity involves, dearth, scarcity, lack, in a way of rareness, scantiness and small number of, it will be no more with abundance and excess. 

And last but no at all least, poor quality, okay lets look at each word separately, poor: deprived, unfortunate, underprivileged, meager, reduced, pitiable, broke, its antonym is privileged. 

Now we are getting to the bottom of this, let’s look at quality: excellence, superiority, class, eminence, value, worth, feature and its antonym is inferiority, but aren't we all created equal? Apparently those with abundance and excess have taken more than their share. Off with their heads!

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