Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Women vs. Men

Women and Men
Why do women trust men more than other women?

It began with Genesis, in the bible where Adam (male) is created in the image of God and Eve (female) is created from the rib of Adam. Therefore, man is closer to the creator, the one who should represent the greatness and divinity of all mankind. All discoveries, inventions, technology and even the responsibility of the development leading to the evolution of mankind are up to the male.

Women were never to be part of this directly; she was created from the rib of Adam and was meant only to be a supporting part of man’s endeavor to do his duty as a direct replication of the almighty himself.

Spiritually, the design of God was for man to exist in harmony among his other creations and on earth beholding all to the creator making rules, laws and judgments to ensure that the course of the divine creator be adhered to by all through male dominance and leadership with women at their background as men stood in the foreground.

Because of the permanence and control they have in places or positions that have historically and physically excluded women, it has been established that men own this place in society and society is slow to change when it may infringe on the male role as leaders in our society. There is a permanent stigma attached to the role a woman plays in furthering the evolution of mankind.

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