Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Night

Last night they killed Troy Anthony Davis, last night.
He was arrested for killing a policeman twenty one years ago. He’s been on death row for 21 years. He said then and still now he did not kill any police officer. They killed him last night. The white police officer’s mama said, “his parents feel what we been feeling all these years.” Sick. He’s been locked up, on death row all these years. “He’s a black man, Troy Davis and his family been feeling something you ain’t gone never feel white police officer’s momma.” She said that like his execution makes it all right. That don’t make you right, he didn’t kill your son, yet you wanted him to die and his family to feel bad for something he didn’t do.  So just because they don’t believe him, they did it, they killed him, killed him.
Even Iran let two white boys go they was holding in their prison under the auspice that they were spies, even Iran had that much heart and let those two white boys go home after they had them in jail two years accused of being spies. In the United States of America, in the town of Savannah, in the state of Georgia they couldn’t leave that black man in jail like he had been for the last twenty one years for something he didn’t do or let him go, instead they chose to kill him.
People all over this world have extreme desire to kill and the power to do it. They’ve done it and their parents have done it, it’s taught that it needs to be done in some cases in their families they truly believe in that, they believe that killing is one of those things you do no matter what the laws of the land that God hath made declares as wrong.  One of the ten commandments says: thou shalt not kill , but they have done it, that’s one of the ones that you can break, the killing one, but they lie, cheat and steal, they have done it all, let me think, are there any of them they haven’t done? No,  and they do them willingly and they do them on television shows for fun they call it, right in front of everybody’s face, all up   and down the street in public, they just don’t believe they are wrong, they believe they have authority and dominion over all .

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