Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Is

The love thing is a truth of reality for most. We are engrossed in believing in love. If and when it does happen to us, sometimes again and again, it is all there is. We identify it and no one can tell us it is not all it’s cracked up to be. You will trust it totally, even if it is forbidden like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, look what love made them do.
It will make you do crazy things, stupid things, you will disrespect your parents, you will risk losing your job, you will undertake just about anything suggested, or at least, seriously consider it. You often love those who have less than you, so you give them all you have. You fall in love with people who don’t love you. They beat your ass; they cheat on you with your friend or sister or brother or father or mother or cousin or neighbor, or aunt or uncle or someone. They treat you like shit and you get a bad reputation, when just so recently, it seemed like yesterday, almost, you were weak in the knees at just the sight of that love, and everyone was joyous for you. Listen to Lil’ Wayne ‘s How To Love, it’s a great song.
Over time, we don’t feel like being played for a fool, it won’t work on us anyhow if we don’t want it to. We know better than that by now.  We diminish confidence in the love thing happening to us anymore, if it has ever happened to us at all, yet, we don’t want to give up expectation that there may be a singular prospect available to us as long as we are still alove (alive). 
Love changes scenes or acts like in a play. It changes its reality after a while to… just a wish to spend time with someone, which has been confirmed to have its mental and physical benefits. In between scenes during a play, the stage goes dark, the curtains are drawn, the scenery and perhaps the characters change, there is usually a pause for intermission, refreshments and the like, and then the play goes on until it is over. It is a live performance, like any thing living, it evolves on it’s own without any help from the audience it entertains. We simply applaud, hiss or boo.
It begins more like a movie, you have the advantage to pause it if you are watching at home and you need to walk away but if watching in a public theatre and you need to walk away, you are going to miss some of it. Like a movie, it is unreal. The special effects can be amazing, the action, thrill and pace of it can be mesmerizing. It goes on from one scene to another seamlessly until … the end. Maybe sequels will be made. It is inevitable even if it is detrimental, if you’ve ever known it, you understand what I mean.

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