Friday, May 17, 2013


Has there been established a predetermined life-cycle for the American who has been without, it is true that a specific percent of the population is detained to be a part of this life-cycle generation after generation, specifically those who have no money, I believe so. It seems that if an American tries but cannot pull himself out of the muck of nothingness in this country he and his children are destined to be a permanent part of this nothingness life cycle.

Money does make the world go round and some of the population of that world have to be the ones who are pushing it, thank God for electricity, gas, water and the rest of the energy used  to spin things around, but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing, without a human.  

Some percent of us must remain behind the wheel, while the rest of us are under it, squashed into a permanent state of nothingness lest the driver will have to share the overabundance of security he enjoys.

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