Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Store-"How do it look?"

One day I went to clean up the fitting rooms and I found piles of men,s clothes in the women’s fitting room, piles. My co worker who had said well it’s a lot of them, lesbians, women that come through here and try on men's clothes, I said but how did they get all these men clothes past the fitting room person and take them into the women’s fitting room, they didn’t look at the clothes and see that they were men's clothes. They don’t look at the clothes, they just ask the customer, “how many” and give them the number they say they have and let them go in.

And then we got this man that comes in dressed in women’s clothes and comes to the fitting room with a bunch of women’s clothes he wants to try on in the men’s fitting room, women’s purses and shoes and stuff, I just say, “you have to go into the men's fitting room” and he says, “Oh yeah, I know, I come here all the time.”

He goes in the men’s fitting room with a pink skirt suit on and high heels and a purse, he is a man dressed as a woman and it’s obvious, so he got to go in the men’s fitting room, dressed like a woman.

I said, “Oh, I can’t take it; people do all kinds of weird stuff right in your face right in public being selfish, not caring how it may make it difficult for someone else”. He came in, in a maid costume one day talking about, “How you like it, it’s my Halloween costume.”
I asked him, “don’t you worry about scaring people when you are on the streets like that, people are wild they will do anything, people will just get upset looking at you and you scare their kids and stuff, don’t you worry about somebody getting mad and jumping on you because that’s what can happen with you walking around here looking like that”.

“Well I never thought about it that way, it’s my Halloween costume and I came in here to find a feather duster and I wanted to wear the costume to see how it was gonna look with it”. I was like, it ain’t even Halloween yet.

My mom said, “I should have said, wow look at you, don’t you look beautiful!”
I said, “Oh no, I wasn’t gone lie to him, I cannot tell a lie.”
“Well, I would have”, she said.
 “Well, I told him he looked scary”.

She said, “You can’t argue with the customers, you can’t be telling them what they really look like, you can’t tell the truth. You got too many opinions.”

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