Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Store-Greedy

“He ain’t call you yet”? “He know he suppose to call you”. “He know he told me he was going to call you, call him, hell”.
My cousin said she wanted to work their, I told her to put in the application online and call the manager. I told him my cousin wanted to work and he said he would call her, he never did.
I know he won’t hire nobody unless somebody gets fired or quits, he already think he got too many people on payroll. I heard him say it, “It’s too many people on payroll and that cuts into my bonus.”

The money the store makes is used for payroll and the rest is the manager’s bonus. He was trying to get rid of people, especially those making more than minimum wage. I was one of those.  

“I told you one lady told me, I know she didn’t tell you, you couldn’t bring your son in here and she had her daughter in here under her arm pit right at the register”.

I said, “Yes she did tell me that”!

“If them people walk up in here it’ll be on me, not on you.
I’m not upset with you, it’s not you its not you, but them people would get on me”.
I said, “What people, them people ain’t coming up in this store, if they are coming, we know ahead of time and sometimes we expect people and don’t nobody show up”.

With these Christmas hours, they have been open these last two days before Christmas eve till midnight, they greedy, staying open all late trying to make every penny they can, while I might get four hours straight, any hours I can get, the times change to fill their needs and I had to bring my son to work with me this one night.

One day last week, I had three days one day was seven hours, that was the longest day I ever had there and that was because somebody didn’t come in, called out and they asked me to stay past my shift, and the other two days there was four hours that’s it for that week, 15 hours was all I got, but it was better than I had been getting.

If I see 17 hours on my schedule I get a little excited. It has been like this lately, one week I got 15 and one week I got 20, and it seemed that she was being fair with everybody. I told her if somebody call out and didn’t come in, call me I’ll fill in so I could get more hours, but she calls her two friends that’s been there with her for the last five years, she call them first, I told her to call me, but why did I expect to get what I wanted over them, they always get first choice, and then they walk around there talking about how tired they are.

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