Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Store-Panties

The last time I worked a daytime shift with her, she told a lady she could try on panties.  I asked her, “since when did we start letting people try on panties Miss JoAnn?”
She said, “We don’t, we don’t but let her go ahead and try em’ on”.
I was through.

The woman stepped up to the fitting room with seven pairs of panties, and hung them on the fitting room podium we use to count the items and I proceeded to tell her I could hold them for her whiles he took her other items into the fitting room and she said she wanted to try them on.

I told her it wasn’t allowed, and she went off, “I don’t see that written anywhere, where does it say that”? I kind of said, “Well, that’s general, proper, protocol, panties are not fitted in the store.”
“Where is the manager, she yelled”, so I called JoAnn and explained a customer is here in the fitting room wanting to talk to a manager about trying on panties.

She came back their looking at me like, I did something wrong, like, what is it you couldn’t handle? When she asked the woman how could she help her the woman started talking about, how it wasn’t posted anywhere that she couldn’t try on panties, and she went to Emory and she had all these degrees ad she insisted on trying on this underwear and JoAnn gave in to her, and I just stood there and shook my head, and JoAnn said, “let her go in with them”.

When the woman came out stomping right past me, didn’t stop, look at me, smile, frown or nothing, just jetted right past me. I could see what she had or didn’t have with her. JoAnn called the fitting room, just after that and asked me did she buy any of them? I said I don’t know she jetted past me with something in her hands, she probably threw them panties, the ones she didn’t put on for keeps,  back up on the shelf somewhere, you better go see.

I said, “if I was you, I would wait up at the registers to see what she did buy and if she put the others back where they belong, cause if it was me, I wouldn’t have never even let her try them on, and if she come out that fitting room with them panties saying she don’t want them, you hang them back up out there on the floor, I’m not touching them”.

She said, “Um hum, she ain’t gone get em, she ain’t gone get em”. I said, “well if she don’t get em I’m not touching em and she said, “call me when she come out”, and walked on up front then called back to the fitting room after the woman jetted past me, aksing about the woman and the panties. 

You gone put some panties back on the floor somebody done pulled over they twat and butt in the fitting room, you can’t do that.

I couldn’t believe how she let this lady intimidate her, and just to go against me, just to go against me, she rather let a woman try on panties then let me bring my son in with me for four hours.

I had told the lady no, and not in a mean way, she asked for the manager I did not offer to get a manager for her. I thought she would go with me against the lady in this case, but no, I guess that’s what I get for thinking.

I had said to the lady, none of the stores I had ever been in let you try on underwear, not Saks, not Bloomingdales, not any of them. “Well, where is that written”, she said, I said, “it’s an unwritten fact that they don’t bother to put in print”. “Where is the manager, I want to see the manager!” So I called for her to come to the fitting room.

When she came the lady started saying, I have a PhD from Emory University and I yada yada yada…yada yada yada…and I said well here she is, she can tell why it’s not written anywhere and then she tells the lady go ahead and try on the panties. Then says to me, you can’ talk  to people any old kind of way, she said you were rude and yada yada yada

I said JoAnn, who you gone believe me or the lady, she wanted to try on panties!, Now, you know I’m not back here tripping on these customers you know it’s usually the other way around. “I said when she come back out that fitting room with them panties and she don’t want them, you gone hang them back up out there I’m not touching them.”

When the lady came out she flew past me, with them panties in her hand all balled up, probably had some of them on, I don’t know but she flew past me When she called back to the fitting room from the  front I said, “JoAnn she just left the fitting room saying, I’m gonna take them”.

She didn’t return nothing to me. She called back later asking me, did she buy them, I answered, did she? I don’t know you were up there.” Didn’t you see what she bought, I said she probably threw them panties in the store up on shelf somewhere. She probably just wanted a pair of fresh panties on. She probably just put on a fresh pair and wore them out the store people can be  trifling, I swear.

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