Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Store-Christmas

There is this nice man and woman older black couple that cleans the store, they have been cleaning the store for twelve years, I said, “Do yall get a discount on purchases, like once a year on Christmas or anytime of year or anything?”
 “They were like, “No”.
I said, “That’s a dam shame, nothing at all”.
Then she said, “The only way I can get that is if I ask someone to let me use their card, if they ain’t scared, I guess they let me use it. I said you can use mine the next time you want to buy something, get with me”.

It was Christmas time, I walked her up to the register, I  said, “they should get 20% off their purchase at least once a year, here use my card.” Come to find out the store manager can give them a discount and use their own card to do it. 
“Ain’t that a dam shame, the store manager not once offered to do that for these people, just as black as her, the whole time they have worked cleaning this store”. The assistant manager told me the store says they can do that, and the manager said he didn’t know they could do that because the assistant manger didn’t tell him. “People don’t communicate worth a dam”.

The store manger was staring at me through his blue frames with rhinestones glasses. I said, “I like your glass frames, are those diamonds”?  He had some transparent, blue frames with fake diamond studs around the lenses, like some kind of Elton John, I said, “what…, look at him”.

We were closing and nearly finished and I asked, “Can I leave early it’s my birthday?” He said, “Everybody has one of those, that’s nothing special, everybody has one of those”. I said, “Oh just forget it”.

I swear sometimes they can be so ridiculous sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes they can make you cry with how ridiculous they can be these bosses, mangers or whatever, no tact or compassion about dealing with their own kind.     

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