Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Store-Eat It

They order food during the day time like, lunch for everybody They have a holiday buffet, when we come in to work do we get anything, No, because they eat up all the wings, all the cake and everything, if they do leave something for us who want it eight hours later all stale and been sitting out in the nasty ass break room, six hours old.
“You don’t want none, all you gotta do is heat it up in the microwave,” we don want that mess a bunch of scraps. I said, “You heat up the salmonella in the microwave and eat it”.

 The way they should do that is spend half the money on the day shift and half the money on the night shift people.
We deserve fresh food just like you had earlier today. Yall take this job too seriously and you take whatever they give you along without abuse and neglect.

They want you to take whatever you are given and do your job fast without any suggestions and get out of here, Yall just crazy. I said, “how long have you been here Miss Donna?, she said, “three years”, I said, “that don’t mean anything, this store don’t care about you miss Donna, but you should care enough about me to go ahead and ring my stuff up, without my card, I would have to go to my car, get my card come back in and then come back and finish working, that’s silly. If you just ring my stuff up this time and next time I’ll know to bring my card in with me incase I make any purchases, next time. 

Last time I before I left, I checked everybody out, my register was left open and closed out last for any employee purchases, the closing manager said, “anybody buying all go to Lisa’s register, and everybody had something they wanted to buy that night, and if they didn’t have they card I said what’s your number, and they know it by heart and I punched it in, now the only thing you can get fired for is if you punched in your own number on a register you are signed into, or putting in the wrong number, they all running around, let me get this in another size, hold on, let me se if this is in the other color I like, we suppose to be getting out of here and you study shopping.

I told another manager, Rhoda what Miss Donna did to me, and she was like “really, she crazy.” Every time you tell her something her response is, they crazy. I said yall need to wake up.

When I worked for this same store in Maryland we didn’t have these kinds of issues. I actually liked working for the store then, but here, it how some of yall black folks be acting like Miss Donna, the man wasn’t even at work, how he gone know if didn’t use my card, “I ain’t gone lose my job, so worried about losing their job, I guess they are justified in that fear, but not so much elsewhere.

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