Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welfare-Punishment or Pride

From my research, the design of this TANF was to help people meet the needs of their families temporarily, what happened?
It was mentioned that you will need to find immediate employment with whomever you can find it with, if that’s a minimum wage job, you still won’t be able to provide for your family, pay your bills, pay back student loans, or save a red cent. Is this what the welfare system is designed to do to that population of society that dares to ask their state for temporary cash help, to stay above water until things get better? 

This seems to be what is happening here. You will essentially be a crumb that will get help with food and utilities like gas or electric, but you will be still responsible for conforming to do menial work for menial pay and not dare want for anything more, ever. Is this why the idea of welfare is seen as some as a trap, something you don’t want to mess with, it was a taboo in the early seventies many families thought it was a cop out if you got what they called welfare, a hand out, it was a down right dirty shame. I remember Good Times television show episodes that show the father James Evans yelling about welfare, and the daughter explaining that some of her friends were on welfare with a look of sorrow and pity in her eyes for them.

Let’s get real, money makes the world go round, it’s out there fore you, get it if you need it and keep on pushing.  If anything, it won’t make you weak, but it will keep your water on.  Money comes without doubt and regularly, there is an abundance of money. No one is going to be rich with TANF.
You will never pay back student loans which mean that any tax refund is confiscated in turn. So yes, give me my 48 months at $250 a month and let me go on with my life.  

Where is the love?  If the prospect of this way of life for many Americans is all they have, why ask why. This is a depressing state of existence and not a hopeful one by any means. This is not progress; it’s like being stuck in thick quicksand where you will sink to the bottom while your children hold on tightly to you while you are taking your family under to never make it out. Is that the point of welfare is that what James Evans on Good Times was afraid of?   Family and friends help you but they don’t want to keep helping you until you are out because they start to see the freedoms they enjoy daily and the plans they have made for their future disappear, my sister said, “I’m not an ATM.” My mother said, “This is the last time.”

Still we are not to believe the universe has this intention for our lives, all we need to do is just think positive and feel good even when the quicksand is above your shoulders, around your neck.  Whose sins are we paying for, the sins of the founding fathers.

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