Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Store-Ambitionless

She got two friends in that store that like her, they spend time together outside of work, they been there with her for the longest. One of them don’t got no family here, and JoAnn was asking her what she was gonna do for Christmas and she said her sister lived somewhere and JoAnn told her, “Go to your sister house.” She said she didn’t want to go to her sister house and she said I guess I’ll just be by myself.

JoAnn said, “come to my house then”, she said, “I don’t want to come to your house either.” she said, “well you better go to your sister house then, don’t sit up by yourself”.

This woman works all the time, she is always there. I believe she get a full schedule of hours, at least 30 a week, and that’s a good thing and the Assistant store manager is her friend, inviting her to her house for Christmas. I don’t think she is all that bad, I try to like people even if they don’t like me, but she has never made me feel she didn’t like me. JoAnn is inviting her to her house for Christmas; she’s is not so bad.

This woman gone come to work, day, night, weekend, whenever, call in, fill in, whatever, cause she ain’t got nothing else to do. Her children are living in Ohio somewhere, they don’t come visit and she’s lived here alone and worked at the store for five years, I suppose in her situation, except for the loneliness, she is happy, but she didn’t never wanna do nothing. Just like her invite to visit for the holidays was rejected, she didn’t ever want to do nothing at the store to help JoAnn except work all the hours.

JoAnn has been there ten years, and before I got over there, they didn’t have no manager, she was assistant manager to the store, and I said JoAnn I know you going for manager, you could be the manager of the store, you been working there ten years, I know they will give it to you, uh, uh, No…I don’t want to be no manager, No uh, uh, I said JoAnn you should be the manager, you are the assistant manager and it would be the next step in line for you to move up and then drag everybody else along right behind you, to the next level.

Her other friend was listening, and she says no I’m fine, just put me on the floor, No I’m fine. No one wanted to move up, Not the assistant manager or her friends. She went on , I don’t’ wan to be on the register, I don’t wanna do this I don’t wanna do that, just put me on the floor.

Now, when I come up in there, talking about myself and what I wanna do up in there, here they all wanna do it.

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