Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welfare-Perpetual Proverty

I tried to see it as hope, I tried to feel like it was okay, it was not such a bad thing, welfare. Then I started to feel like it is just a scam, one way to keep workers available for the menial jobs so those of means could partake of the finer things in life. If there is perpetual poverty, ignorance and proof that this group is to survive by this means and this means only, then why not continue. Each state is given money by the federal government to use as they see fit for temporary assistance to needy families, instead many states are using it to create and maintain the perpetual state of being for American-Africans.  

I heard a lot of them say they have their CNA and MA and still cannot find work. Mainly they are told they have no experience, so what’s the since in hoping, just take the little monthly amount of cash, the childcare, the menial job, the food card and let it be, A lot of people have made it like that, my momma did and my aunt and my sister and her five kids and my cousins in Ohio, and Chicago You got to do the best you can with what you got.

Going around wanting more for your life and your children and your family is stupid. You know that ain’t gone work. We ain’t gotta be treated like children just for lack of wanting more. We know people don’t like us and don’t want us around and don’t think we deserve anything, that feel we are ignorant and too arrogant or outspoken and some are truly afraid of us, but most of us wouldn’t hurt a fly. They feel the threat of payback because of how they are constantly given preferential treatment over us. There was a white woman in the last group, just one and not once did she get any marks against her, she and one other woman were the only two given money and allowed to start the 48 months for life countdown.

I was told to start over; the white woman in the group with me she was at the same test for the county job I went to. Why have we let racism mess up our minds, and they have let it destroy their minds. We all need a new look, there is enough for everyone, share.

July 30, 2012, the first day I am redoing the behavioral modification work activity programming, I received a letter saying I could not get TANF for June JULY or August 2012. Still no money.

Now, I am totally discussed with the way people in need are being treated and totally ignored, giving the money first won’t harm any one and will certainly be more likely to do some good especially for the momentum of the soul.  Many like myself already know how much we can get for cash we are not concerned about the amount we just need the money if we didn’t would we really subject ourselves to such treatment. 

How is giving the money first any different, I’ll tell you how if you have money first you will be able to better prepare for job search especially if you are going to be out, did I mention that the temperatures were consistently over 90 degrees for approximately the entire time I was out in the field on foot and public transit looking for work.  Say you needed a folder to carry the Network Contact Log and the Job search form and all the business cards you collected and a pen or pencil if you happen to be invited to complete an application in person, or a bottle of water or a cheap pair of flats for easy mobility and comfort or a pair of big cheap sunglasses.

It was almost as if the state of Georgia is saying to its needy, “First, you must demonstrate your ability to suffer and still keep your dignity and pride and become one of the state’s working poor even if it kills you, because we don’t intend to ever give you needy families money ever again in life, unless maybe you are white, sorry.”

“I’ll send you on self-esteem down grade ride and see if you can conform and fall in line and stick to the poverty level for the rest of your generation, and the next generation and the next and so on and so on.”  Is this really what they meant by compliance, in the words of the past, “stay in you place!”

I am redoing the twenty five day program for the money, in the same place with the same people. I have already received a letter telling me not to expect any money in June, July, or August today is August 6, 2012. My first attempt to get the money was June 25, 2012.

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