Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Welfare-Dress Code

It seems that this thing about dress code is annoying the heck out of everyone. Here is a list of clothing items that are considered appropriate if you want to get money:
Skirts (in appropriate length)
Dress Pants
All of this is in all caps except for the skirt length notation in parenthesis. The not acceptable list is in sentence capitalization. It seems that if you have a list of no’s then maybe that should be in all caps and the appropriate things can be in regular sentence structure capitalization. This is exactly how it is typed on paper:

The following attire is NOT ACCEPTABLE:
v      Bedroom slippers or flip flops
v      No See Thru attire or exposure of chest or lower waist area
v      Dress and skirts above knee level or finger tips
v      Halter tops & tops exposing midriff(stomach sections), shoulders, and chest area
v      Jeans, Shorts, Sweat pants or Capri pants
v      Spaghetti straps tops & dress
v      Hats, scarves tied around head unless it’s part of Dress attire
v      No rain boots, even if it is raining, you must bring a change of shoes

Whew! That was difficult just to type out, because of the style of the way it was written. I believe the bullets should be next to what is considered acceptable and a bit more respect should be shown for our judgment on proper work attire. Mind you, it was hotter than it has ever been in history in Georgia this July and most of the things on the appropriate list would have caused a heat stroke for those of us who were using the public transit system. Waiting for a bus in that heat in those clothes; I chose to wear a dress everyday and I carried a pair of comfortable sandals along with me daily. 

Now, believe it or not on the flip side of this dress code sheet was a group of practice interview questions. I totally missed those with all the emphasis on attire.

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