Monday, April 22, 2013

Working At the Store-Still Looking

“Jay ain’t with us no more, so I can’t count on her being there most of the time that I’m not, so, I didn’t want to be always working at night especially Sunday night when he got to get up and go to school Monday morning and then they have me come in Monday night, I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday then I might be off Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday all weekends at night, no,…so, it’s been a trip with them but, I ‘m still hanging in there”. 

“Before I went to her store I called her and I asked her if she had a good position for me because I don’t want to still be in the stockroom, I want to use those morning hours to do my job hunt, cause I would do it before I had to go into work, first thing in the mornings was the best time to look for a job, and it always took longer than I thought it would or was so far out, I had to change clothes, I couldn’t go out looking in my work clothes and I’d be late everyday, cause I would go somewhere trying to get a good job and everyday I was late coming to work”.

I said, “Yall, I got to have a life, I gotta do what I gotta do”. They was cool enough, that said, they talked about it, but they wasn’t trying to hurt you, they talked like, you made it on time today or you only five minutes late, or we won’t count one or two minutes, and I mentioned it, made a point to when I was on time every time I was. It was not a big deal, no sweat, ‘because you know what, I was never absent.  If I was on schedule I was there, a few minutes later maybe but there.

The manager, she had a mouth on her, but I do too, so we put it to the side and we worked it out, I could work late if I came in late, you know as long as I got some time in.  She made sure she was trying to give me something, but if she got an attitude or someone tried to handle her the way I did she might not give me but two days, one day, three days. So what I’m I supposed to do but keep doing what I been doing, keep looking for a good job cause I need dependable, study work to raise a child.

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