Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welfare Compliance

What follows is a group of about 12 sheets front and back called the Georgia Department of Human Resources TANF FAMILY SERVICE PLAN
This a list with check boxes under a statement that reads: I understand that as a TANF applicant/recipient I must meet the following responsibilities that have been checked:
Here is the list:
Attend parent/teacher conferences
Ensure that minor dependent children attend school
Attend parenting class (IF SCHEDULED)
Attend financial management counseling class
Attend life skills class
Attend addictive diseases counseling class
Attend mental health counseling/treatment sessions
Participate in rehabilitation services
Comply with a DFCS child welfare case plan as appropriate
Attend family planning counseling sessions
Meet my work requirements including requirements to develop my TANF Family Service Plan

The next area of the plan reiterates that full-time, stable employment is the goal of the plan and TANF cash assistance is limited to 48 months.

There is then an evaluation that includes an assessment date; assessor, short-term goal, long-term goal, potential barriers, and a new date set to see how it’s going and record the number of months out of the 48 possible you are using along this service plan.

Now, this plan also includes a Job Search Monitoring Guide that is used to verify that you are actually searching for work.

While you are looking for work you need to submit a sheet that shows places that you have looked for work, you must include a contact name and phone number. Now, I’m certain that if there is some suspicion as to whether or not you are being serious about your intent to obtain employment at anytime randomly or specifically, depending, some one may make need to place a verification call which may go a little something like this:
“Hello, are you hiring?”
“I would like to speak to (whatever contact name you submit).”
“I was told by (your name) that you were hiring, for ______
They wait for response… and caller is convinced that you did or did not actually go to this place looking for work. 

This job search is monitored with the following questions in mind: What positive things have happened during the client’s job search?
What resources did the client utilize to find job leads?
Is there any change in the job readiness level?
Does the client expect to hear from any prospective employer?
How soon might the client know the results from any interview?
If the client was to be offered one of the jobs for which s/he applied, is there anything the client will need before able to accept the job offer?
Where else is the client planning to look for work?

This sounds like the most interactive part of the case manager’s work, and is probably the part that is left to the vendor to report.

After this there are two sheets, front and back with twelve sections total, that each contain this: Monthly Review Phase _____Date: ____Months on TANF____
Exceeded, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory
Explain Progress _____Job readiness level change, activity change/new plan, conciliation/sanction, Case Manager’s Name/Load_________.

And the service plan area is asking you to sign that you understand that if you do not meet the requirements indicated in the plan then the cash will be reduced or terminated.

The next sheet is a Georgia Department of Human Services ADA/SECTION 504 NOTICE, which states that because of a disability you will not be discriminated against you will not be denied any benefits available to you because of your disability.

Then there’s the STATE OF GEORGIA AGENCY BASED REGISTRATION APPLICATION DECLARATION STATEMENT, this is where you are invited to register to vote.

The next sheet I have is a Georgia Department of Human Services TANF ADA COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST, determining whether a disability is or is not a barrier to fulfilling the TANF requirements, have the rights been explained to the person and if a disability is claimed has it been reported. This section is denoted at the bottom For county use: If the client claimed a disability, answer the following
Has the disability been reported to a TANF case manager within the last twelve months? Y/N
Has this client been referred to Vocational Rehabilitation Services? Y/N
With a NOTE: If the response to either question is yes, DO NOT count this as a new report of disability…Is this a new report? Y/N
 The last sheet is a duplicate of the Georgia Department of Human Services ADA/SECTION 504 NOTICE, I suppose in case you need two of them or maybe you keep one for your own records. 

All that and still no money for at least 45 days, I was ejected before 20 days had passed.

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