Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welfare-Give us the money, please!

The job I interviewed for was of my own resource and I am very grateful I must say for the free MARTA transit system weekly pass, now if those were given to people to help in job search without all the other rigmarole, it would be greatly appreciated, it’ll get a lot those like myself, dependent on transportation, out on the hunt for money, a job, and a way to get there. We are not a bunch of money hungry zealots, druggies or senseless idiots looking for a free nothing. we are looking for assistance, we are generally poor, single and have nothing or no real structured support system to count on as far as friends or family to count on but this temporary assistance to needy families, where’s the money? That’s all I’m saying, where’s the money? don’t hold out the money, it would make me feel better and it would do the same for all of us don’t you want us to feel better about ourselves and our chances at getting a job are better when we feel good about ourselves can we have that at least, my God. 

The amount I would have gotten, according to the scale, is 235.00 a month which would have been a hellava' help to my family for the things I mentioned above and even though I was told they don’t want to give me the money because it was not enough, I remembered the saying, every little bit counts, Well, I’m a witness it really does. Believe me, we would have a much more even tempered group of women looking for work with more confidence, taking it more serious and getting results, not just a ride on the negativity merry go round. 

 We are hungry and desperate for stability, self-sufficiency; we don’t want to worry about whether or not the water is still on while we look for work, or sitting in a classroom being insulted if you could get money from TANF to pay it. Why not give the money from the time the person comes to apply for the money set a side for them, let them use it as they see fit if they cannot make it work for them then they have no one to blame but themselves, and there would be a change in behavior without all the, you can’t dress right, you don’t look right, you don’t talk right, you don’t sit right, you don’t’ Blah, Blah, Blah from those who are in the same boat pointing fingers. Teach money management skills instead. 

 I bet we would all get along better, and things would be different, I like change, and I know a lot of people don’t but reform of welfare is due especially now, the average citizen is more educated and responsible why not prove it, What is wrong with that? 

Oh, the job…I was not selected by the company. I called the recruiter and was informed that she had a “No” by my name. So I didn’t get that job. So I am still not working and still no money and still have to start the whole entire process again, no wonder some of the women were saying they had been through it five or six times, still no money. 

What the hell! Why not just say, “here is your money you can get this for this amount of months and you can get it in monthly amounts or all at once, you are not on drugs, you have skills, you have child under 18, you have not been employed for a year, you’ve no criminal record, you’ve done all the right things this is not your fault you’ve paid your taxes to the state for years without asking for one red cent for many years, now “here” take it and good luck.

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