Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Store

I left her store and went to Miss JoAnn, talking bout, “yeah you can come over here, um hum, I remember you, I‘ll make you back up, front end back up. All this mess she was talking and when I  got over there she didn’t have nothing for me, she was probably talking that in front of one of her problem people to make them feel threatened, cause that is how they were acting when I got there, threatened.

I announced when I got there, I’m gone run the show I’m gonna be running this , this, that, and they little confidence jumped up and all of a sudden everybody, all her little friends who been working there a while wanna move up and do something with they self.

I’d bet she had offered them something with more responsibility over the years and they all refused and was saying how they was fine just like they was and she needed them to get behind her and help her out, but they wouldn’t, but  the minute they heard and saw me coming back, talking shit about what I was bout to do, they flinched and thought twice about it and I hadn’t been with the company long as they had, but I was ready to move on up , and damd if she didn’t block it because they started to want to be somebody.

“What she say, she gone be coming in here and move up.”
If they wanted to they would get first dibs on it cause they had been working there longer than me, five years, ten years whatever and me three years, but all this time they didn’t’ t want to do nothing, so  the things I promised I could do she let them do it.  She let them get first try at it.

I was put on the fitting room, and I told her I didn’t like the fitting room at first, and I thought about it, I thought I’m finna play her and later on I told her, “ I love the fitting room this is the best job in the store!”

Now she got a couple more that’s saying “I guess it ain’t so bad, they wanna work in there too now. “Fine with me, yall just do whatever people say and think.

But first off, it’s so boring I don’t do nothing I like to be on the register I like to be up front, but I’m like fuck am I crazy I could just stand back here and chill out and count clothes and hang em up and give out a number please I’d rather do that, cause I said if yall been here longer than me then yall make more than me so you need to be working harder than me then. I don’t care, fine with me”

“You shouldn’t complain because that’s where the hours are, you say you want some hours, that’s where the hours at cause don’t nobody wanna do the fitting room.”
I said, “I’m not complaining, I’m, just saying be flexible, put people where they wanna work so they can be happy.”

You want them to come to work and work hard and be satisfied, put them in the department they like to work in, they gone work hard for you, they gone like you, they gone appreciate you. Cause, one day I came in and I said, Hey Miss JoAnn, did they tell you bout this and that, or whatever, and she snarled,” They don’t tell me nothin’ “.

They call her buffalo but behind her back, they, “can’t stand her!” they whisper her name, when you mention her name their noses turn up because she don’t be flexible with people’s needs. They all don’t like her.

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