Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welfare-I did the time

I did the time; the waiting period for money includes a search for work.  My search was not successful, I did not find a job and the conformist program was not a success because it had serious flaws, inept direction and no real plan, except to be on the look out for anyone they think should not get the money and document it. They were totally in denial about the white woman. She told me she fills in her sheet and then goes home until it’s time to come back, and she got money. You see how some are being punished while others slide right on through, like usual. I am going to find out who to write to in the state government and tell them about this and see what I can do to change this.

I saw a report that was sent to Dfax from this work activity program: July 5; did not come back after lunch, July 12-morning absence; July 17-job form not enough places; July18-job form no times on the form.

When picking up the Marta card on July 20, I was advised I would not get a card because my case was closed I had no way home so I called the white woman I was in class with and told her they were not going to give me a card and I was stuck at the train station she said she had a couple of cards and she dropped one off at my house that evening. She has a car.  The group I was in had approximately eighteen people I found out later that only two of them were considered officially conformed, they now move to phase two, they got the money.

I have been unemployed for one year. My friends don’t call me and my family hardly takes my calls anymore. I have exhausted all finances and cash is down to 45 dollars a month.   It used to be 85, but that’s another story, later.

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