Friday, May 17, 2013

The Deserving and Undeserving

I hear politicians use the phrase, “The deserving and undeserving homeowners”,
Why is there a division of deserving and undeserving? 
Doesn’t the buyer determine if they deserve to buy a home for themselves? People buying homes do it because they can, because they choose to. Or does someone actually decide if they deserve it or not? 

Are you saying these people who bought homes did not deserve them because due to the immoral behavior and money making schemes on Wall Street with their derivatives market, they now need help keeping their homes?

If they are deserving to own a home and can pay for it they are good, meaning, if they avoided being touched by these vultures and can pay for these homes they deserve them and those who have a home and can no longer pay for it are not deserving.

Perhaps the undeserving are those that lost the income they had before this greedy action blew a hole in the pot and drained every drop of juice they had when they bought it, they do not have the money they had and the ones who would be deserving are the ones who still have their incomes and can still pay their mortgage.

Should these deserving ones be allowed to refinance for a lower rate?

Why do some people always want to take advantage of what they don’t deserve.  They had the jobs, they bought the homes, they got bank loans for businesses and homes before anyone else, they were already ahead of the game, they got whatever they felt they deserved while others have never or rarely gotten what they deserved. 

When others were able to own homes it was a first for a large number of our population and if able to pull it off, are now being put off their jobs, out of business and pushed back to the end of the line. They should be given what’s deserved, like what would be equivalent to forty acres and two mules. 

Some people always want to get in where they don’t belong, they are all time selfish and all time greedy and all time undeserving, while staying ahead due to a united effort to keep it that way.

Why can’t they be more like others, whom, if it is not needed, don’t go running out to get it anyway?

Many of us would rather starve then take handouts, we would rather not have if we have to cheat, steal or lie to get it and keep it. We don’t jump ahead in line in front of nobody and we let people with less than us go ahead of us, why can’t they be more like us. 

They stand up and scream, "we want the same thing others are getting", they are not remembering the tragedies of the past that others have endured and are still enduring, like taxation without representation, like not getting to vote and getting killed if you even thought about it, like when slavery was outlawed by the government but continued anyway for another 40+ years and nearly no one was punished for it.

What happened with the housing market was just another case of these same people’s descendants taking advantage of others and ignoring, bending and twisting the law and not being punished for it. 

They want to buy property at lower rates like everyone else, so they can buy more than everyone else and sell it for profit and keep everything for themselves just as their ancestors did in this country. Enough already, they don’t deserve it. 

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