Thursday, May 15, 2014



Whenever a Negro begins to make a noise, he is sent for, and if he is somewhat influential he is given an appointment to last until they can rob him of his influence. The appointment; is generally given to him out of his district. After they have "killed" him with his people, he is put under the political ax and that is the last we hear of him, except as a warning to other ambitious men of the race.

This destroyer of the Negro race and the poor man(the Republican party) has established manufactories throughout the South. One of the chief lessons they attempt to have the student to learn is his entire dependence upon their institutions, and that he must let his instructors do his thinking in every particular.

How long, how long, will the colored race remain in the chains of the “monster"?  Why do not the men I have named cry out? Resign your "spittoon position," go work and sweat for a living, but what you cry out against the iniquities of the Republican party which is now nothing more, so far as principle is concerned, than a " putrid reminiscence." Like Mahone, is the Republican party. The Negro is all right until he wants to go to Congress or hold office, and then he is only fit to be put to death.

How long will the colored race cast more than twice as many votes as were cast in the State of New York, without getting as many appointments as there are in little Rhode Island office is not all. But a party which lives on "the dead past" for self, spoil and office, ought to be made to give some sort of tangible recognition to those who make it possible for that party to have a president to dish out the offices.

All the troubles between the races originate out of politics, to the detriment and injury of the Negro, who gets no political bread and butter for his pay. Destroy the bakery and the baker unless there is an immediate change. Try another political cook.

When you prove to the people of the South that if you understand individual responsibility as a citizen; when you show the owners of this section that you no longer wait for a certain part of their race to come and tie them and deliver them over to you; when you show them that you are willing to appreciate favors conferred; that you are making friends wherever you can, and that you are no longer tilled with prejudice towards them, then will come your political emancipation, and with it all that any other citizen enjoys in keeping with your intelligence, wealth and numbers.

Social equality the sensible Negro despises; civil liberty and justice is what he desires. The one is based on natural selection and choice; the other upon equity and good conscience.

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