Tuesday, May 20, 2014



On the question, I said: “As for extermination, that will never take place. First, because 500 Negro babies are born every day. Second, because not only is the colored man's prolificness increasing the blacks in this country, but because members of every nationality belonging to your great race are helping him to produce a dark population, by maintaining a sinful relation with females of his race. Third, because blood is thicker than water, and while this statement may be unpleasant it is nevertheless true.

The sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles, who, while belonging to the black race, find their close kinsmen among white people will never be exterminated.

Their white relatives are too noble and brave to destroy the fruit of their indulgences. Again, there are relations other than these which declare that the races are here to remain, and after a while it will be found that, "the whites are getting whiter, while the blacks are getting blacker”.

Since the colored man cannot be amalgamated or exterminated, what shall be done with him? What is the proper course to be pursued:

Can he be colonized?

Will you send him to the Northwest?
Or will you by deportation place him in Africa, a country from which his forefather came?

Shall the Negro emigrate?
Is the Negro a success as an immigrant?
What does the Liberian experiment teach?

These are questions which must be answered before a start is made for other fields. Can this country get along without the Negro, and be as happy and as prosperous as now?

Is not the Negro a better subject for citizenship than the foreigner?

Does not the fact that the Negro was born and reared here make him, necessarily, more of a patriot and more in love with American institutions than the foreigner, born and reared up under a monarchical form of government, coming here only because he is poor and wants to make money.

Is there not more of a problem around the doings of the anarchist, the socialist and Castle Garden than there is around the black people of this country, described by Gov. Hill, as being "untutored, superstitious and helpless but patient, docile and ambitious”?

A conflict there must never be. The two races, placed here together by God must continue throughout the ages: their relation of interdependence, in peace, recognizing as the only distinction between them, that one is in white and must therefore, socially, associate with whites, while the other is in black and must, necessarily, mingle with blacks. Birds of a feather, birds of a kind, flock together.

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  1. This would make a great movie series for TV!


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