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I have read of no penitentiary in this country, but what is preferable to “The Black Republic," if the question of character is waived. The Colonization Society, in Washington, should be abated as an aggravated nuisance. There should be a law passed in each State, saving: Any man found telling or encouraging Negroes to go to that part of Africa where Liberia is situated, shall, upon conviction, be declared a felon, and imprisoned in the State's prison, for not less than one year nor more than ten, in the discretion of the trial judge. Provided that, if the defense is insanity, it shall be taken as established, and the court shall have power, and it is made the duty of the court, to have the prisoner locked up, where he can do no harm. Here is the talk I had with the reporter, before my term of office as U.S. Minister and Consul-General expired.

"Tell me about Liberia," said the reporter.

"Liberia is a small place to talk so much about, but there is much that I can tell, and a great deal more that I can't tell you until after the twelfth of January. Until that time diplomatic reserve will prevent me."

"Oh, I don't want any state secrets, said the reporter, just the country and the people”. Is it so that you are disgusted with the country?"

"Well, let me explain that. There are twelve thousand 'civilized' people — people who have been sent from this country, and 988,000 natives. Now I am heartily disgusted with the twelve thousand 'civilized' people, and I am very much pleased with the 988,000 natives — the heathens, you understand. The natives are superior to the American Negroes mentally, physically, and morally.

I say that they are superior morally, though the Americans are 'Christians, ' and the natives are heathens. It's a fact. The Americans are cheats; they preach and convert nobody — they pray and get rich off of the natives.

Twenty-two thousand people have been sent from this country in the last sixty-(something-nx) years, and yet to-day there are only 12,000 'civilized' people and 2,375 voters.

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