Monday, June 23, 2014

American African Violet

“Sojourner Truth walked with no shoes the distance from Georgia to Ohio looking for her child taken from her during slavery. Don’t you believe that it is worth our forging a commitment now for the sake of our children and their future”?

“Yes ,Yes we do”!
“Then we will no longer go out in humiliation in front of our children
And take it out on them when we can’t find work and provide the necessities to live as we deserve.

"No shopping, no spending money, save every penny and cooperate! Like, like corporations and create a unified resource to meet our needs and provide a future for our children, they need us to do this for them”.

As she spoke to the crowd at last nights meeting, she wanted the audience to understand that we are born with talent, we don’t get it from somewhere, it is in us already.

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