Thursday, June 19, 2014


What us gone do! What us gone do? 
Enough about them, what us gone do? Where do we start, it starts with the money us gotta stop spending our money, except for needs like food, water, electricity, gas and somewhere to sleep at night. 

We got to get together and take one step at a time and pool our resources and…how we gone do that?  We’s impatient we’s done been run out of patience dealing with them and done accepted they pacifier in our mouths like little bitty babies , keeping us quiet and satiated.

That done worked for some more than others; some of us got the chance to take care of business for our selves, but what about the rest of us? We cain’t be quiet, we goes to jail cause we impatient, we gets in fights cause us is impatient, We got to do something about this way we are. We got to get to a place where we satisfied with ourselves, we got to, it’s up to us and we can do it with the help and strength god put in us.  

Ain’t no catching up, we got to start from scratch, from where we are right now, ain’t no going back either, we done gained a lot more know how that we used to have. We can come up with a way(s) to help ourselves up out this mess.

We ain’t afraid is we? We say we ain’t all the time, we always say we ain’t scared of nothing, but it aint true we scared as hell. We don’t know what to expect if we was to get ourselves together. 

Ain’t nothing to be scared of no more. We done been through the fire. We scared we gone lose what little we got, that’s it, we scared we gone mess up something and we gone end up with nothing. We ought not worry about that, we know better than that, we already done lost a lot of time and you know ain’t no getting that back. We should be thinking about what us gone gain, not what us gone lose. What is us gone gain?

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