Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Can Have Me - Chapter 6

The man and woman who were talking and five boys, who had just got on the train, all got off at the same stop.  The man moved fast through the station keeping up with and staying close behind the group of boys, still talking about what he sees, a few of the boys tugged at pulling their pants up, but one in particular refused to and talked loudly about how he was not going to pull his pants up and the man could kiss his ass. He was wearing what looked like tighty whitities, he looked nasty in those dingy white underwear, his style sucked.

The woman was not far behind the scene. She heard the young man who was being so boisterous about his rebellion and the others were rather quite and didn’t even laugh at their cohort’s comments. The man was quiet and said nothing more.

Billy and Marcus stayed on board headed for the north side of town to get in a couple more hours of practice interacting with the opposite sex.

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