Thursday, June 5, 2014



What the Negro wants most is race pride. He wants to believe that his race — the checker-board race, made up of persons so black that you can't get them blacker, and so white that you can't get them any whiter — together form a bouquet, and to him is the prettiest race that Jesus died for.

Respect the women of the race, I mean those who have not brought shame upon it. No people who have failed to respect their ladies have ever amounted to anything.

Stop caring for a name. Don't get angry if somebody says you are a Negro instead of a colored man; because you are not colored.

Black is the absence of color. All colors blended make white.

Hereafter the white man must be called the colored man and the heretofore alleged colored man must be called the Negro.

 "A leopard cannot change his spots! I have never heard of a war on the color question except in the human family. There should be no war among men about the color of the skin and the texture of the hair; God alone is responsible for the difference”.

"Let men beware lest they be found righting God."

Observe the golden rule, doing "unto all men as you would have men do unto you."

To the patient reader I again return my most sincere thanks. If you belong to the race that dominate and rule the South, I hope that in my remarks you have found no sentence to which you are unwilling to subscribe and thereby attest your approval.

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