Friday, June 13, 2014

You Can Have Me-Chapter 2

Marcus and Billy were determined to meet girls. They were spending their weekends going out to practice their “girl meeting skills”. They began on Friday, as soon as school was out, they didn’t go straight home and check in, they’d ride the train to different areas and mingle in the crowds until they got hungry for dinner and headed home to eat.

“Hey man, you know that female we ran into last week? She called me, man.”
“Remember, I gave her my number?” she just called me on my phone just now.”
“Oh, that’s who that was, man.”
“Yeah man!”

They both smiled and made noises of laughter from excitement and exclamations of triumph. Sounds that expressed the recollection of the beautiful girl Billy had given his phone number to.

“Awwwh Man, for real dog, that one that was fine as hell, outside the South End train station, right?”
“Yeah man!”

Marcus remembered the girl from last week, she had a curvaceous body and an inviting look on her face that made them both feel as if she was saying, “you can have me”. They both had visions of her with them exclusively. They both noticed her at the same time, there was no “I saw her first,” it was a tie.

They couldn’t help but say “hello” to her, both of them spoke, but Billy beat Marcus to the punch and followed up the “hello” with something like, “excuse me”, she stared right into his eyes exclusively and it was on. Marcus just smiled and pretended to check his phone while Billy schmoozed the fine girl.

Billy took a chance and stepped out on his manhood and won, he got the beautiful girls’ full attention, but she would not give him her number she took his instead. 

Billy had always been more of a risk taker than Marcus although he could not persuade her to give him her phone number; he made enough of an impression that she took his number and called him for fear that she just might be missing out on something special. 

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