Sunday, June 15, 2014

You Can Have Me - Chapter 4

They wore no belt, they were actually holding on to their pants right above the knee about mid thigh, by holding on to one side of the front of the waist band, and they didn’t seem careful about what underwear they had chosen for the day.  A couple appeared to be wearing white briefs or cotton t-shirt knit style boxers and no one seemed to be rocking the initial style that called for a pair of cotton or cotton blend plaid boxers that coordinated in color with something else they wore, like a shirt or jacket or hat.

The shirts or t-shirts they wore was long enough to hang over half of the buttocks, but the nature of the cotton like fabrics didn’t allow the shirts to stay in place, the fabrics were not lightweight like silk nor knit heavy enough to freely hang and fall down after being lifted in the back from sitting down.

I see some of them trying to sit on top of the shirt by easing down into place when sitting, trying to keep the buttocks from direct contact on the surface on which they chose to sit, that says they are somewhat self conscious about putting their butt, covered only by their own underwear directly on the surface of a sitting place.

They actually sit their underwear covered exposed buns right on whatever quite unsanitary surface they choose to sit on, especially on a public transit system, out in public places, disgusting. What if you sat in something or worse if the person who sat there before you left something behind?

 They have them so low that they have difficulty walking, so they have this gait that is a motion of swinging the lower half of their bodies from the hips down with a twist from one foot to the other keeping the legs gapped the width of the waistband to exert pressure enough to hold the pants in place, it re minds me of rolling a piece of thread with the forefinger against the thumb back and forth, from side to side.

Their legs look short as midgets, like a defect, a gap legged sway of a sort, mixed with a jaunt, so they hold their pants up with the muscles that run along the sides of the thighs and the pressure of the gapped legs combined with the use of this muscle keep the pants up, besides the holding of one side of the waist band in the front,

Which is I suppose to keep the frontal regional parts covered more so than for holding the pant in place. It’s okay to show the rear region where the butthole is located, but not the frontal region where the penis hangs, it looks like if they let the waistband go the penis would just, I don’t know, start a conversation.  It does have its own language of straight and stern and soft and limp whatever the situation seems to dictate.

Maybe this is all they have left; maybe this is their way of saying that, at one point in history, it was normal practice to cut that part off if you did not comply. Maybe they are feeling threatened.

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