Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Can Have Me-Chapter 3

Billy had uncles and older cousins who had told him how to mack the ladies. He had male role models to watch. Neither of his biological parents were around. His aunt, his father’s sister, who was single and had no children of her own, had custody of him and his two sisters.
Marcus was an only child to his mother. His mom had only one sister, who had one child fifteen years older than Marcus and she lived out of state. Marcus visited her one or twice in his life for summer vacations and stayed no longer than two weeks before he was calling his mom ready to come home. They didn’t force him to stay the entire summer, they sent him home as soon as he started to whine about it being boring and nothing to do and saying he wanted to go home.
His father was around, but not at all attentive to his children. Marcus was one of six children he had fathered. He had a relationship and two children when he got Marcus and is now with some child wasting her youth on him and three little ones. He sees Marcus every now and then, but has no real genuine input or influence on him.

He may have given him some pointers on girls when he turned twelve, with a “just remember that” at the end of his advice, being around his father, watching him in action made Marcus say, “He talks to every woman he sees.”

His learning about how to mack the ladies came from his peers. He learned as he had watched and listened to men talk in the barber shop where he got his hair cut, the way they gave tips on how to schmooze the ladies even without spending a dime. He heard one of the guys say, “Just smile and stare into her eyes, and don’t say anything, she will say something first.” “Give a compliment about what she’s wearing with a smile on your face, say, “I like the color of your lip gloss or something, but keep it respectful”.

Billy was “the man” and at least he liked competition, it gave him more courage. Having Marcus around inspired him to greatness.

Marcus admired the way Billy could talk to the girls so easily and attract their attention. He was raised a bit more conservatively, but he was not afraid to talk when Billy was around him. When Billy was not there, he hesitated.

Not having pier support and the dare to front your skills or show off is not a quality of his character, unless encouraged just to build each others self esteem. These guys made each other feel good. They were good to each other and they were good boys.

They were both quite handsome and the girls were just as anxious to meet and talk to boys as the boys in their age group. Young teens have a way with each other that doesn’t make it too difficult to communicate if they are just being them selves. It’s the attraction age and nothing really matters or changes that.

They responded to each other, some of them whooped and hollered, but learning the opposite sex was part of their life conquests now. It is a built in path whose time it has come to follow!

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