Thursday, June 12, 2014

You Can Have Me

Chapter 1

The train car he was riding in was nearly empty, just him and three other people to be exact. It made two stops and no one else boarded until five young men got on with their pants sagging way beneath their buttocks.

That’s when he started talking to the woman sitting in the seat in front of him that faced sideways. “The girls ain’t looking at them, but a man looking at them, what they saying to me is “you can have me”.

“I was institutionalized for two years, I just got out”.

“I ain’t crazy, I got more sense than you, the way they wearing they pants means they parents ain’t teaching them, they let em’ do it”.

“They parents scared of they own kids. It’s in the bible, these kids parent’s afraid to straighten out they own kids, the kids run the parents, and they scared of em. I ain’t scared of em.”’

“My cousin’s son wears his pants like that, I asked her why she let him do it, she said he told her that’s the style”, the woman replied.

“Okay, what style, that don’t make no damn sense, that’s stupid as hell, they don’t know nothing about they past, the kind of world they come from and they making the world worse by not knowing, it’s just gone get worse, believe me.”

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